Securing your motorbike with this great GPS and anti-theft tracker


Travelling around can be risky. You might end up losing your precious motorbike !

Well, enough of cruising along the coast. Let’s move on to something more technical. Making sure your motorbike is safe is a priority, isn’t it ? So what better than arming yourself with Pegase, to combat thieves and the like. But not only…

Pegase moto
Unboxing Pegase Moto GPS tracker and anti-theft device, click to enlarge

On to the setting up of the device :

First, you need to take off your seat

under the motorbike seat
Under a motorbike seat, please click to enlarge

Then, plug the ends of the cable to the plus and minus of your battery

(pretty straightforward, no step by step picture there)

Next, attach the electric cable to the cable from the Pegase

pegase moto male plug
Male connector of the cable – Please click to enlarge
pegase moto female connector
Female connector of the cable – Please click to enlarge
pegase moto cable plug
Male and female connectors, you know what to do there – Please click to enlarge
pegase moto scratch
Velcro sticker put on the metallic sole as well as on the back of the Pegase GPS tracker – Please click to enlarge
pegase moto on a motorbike
Pegase moto device ready to ride – Please click to enlarge

Job done ! Download the app, and enter your Pegase serial number. Your bike is now protected !

Want to know more about this anti-theft device ? Visit the official website

Technical specs

  • 2G network.
  • 100% subscription-free.
  • Autonomous battery supplied.
  • Dimensions : 80 millimeters long, 40 millimeters wide and 15 millimeters thick.
  • Weight 200 grams.
  • CE / RoHS / R10 (automotive standard) certifications (resistant to shocks, humidity and splashing water).
  • Works vetween temperatures of -86 °F and + 149 °F
  • 2 years (parts and labor) guaranteed
  • There is a dedicated customer service to help with regarding any question or issue (office hours) otherwise look a the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Youtube video how to install

The wonders of the GPS

Pegase’s sensitivity lets you know when your motorcycle is being touched, moved or driven by someone else. This allows the tracking device to be used by the Police to locate your bike.

The same function can be used to reassure your loved ones at home when you’re on the road.

Pegase gps tracker for motorbike

You don’t need to carry your smartphone when you’re riding to make it work. You download the app to check your trips (including maps, speed and so on) and to be notified when someone touches your baby (it can be notifications, sms, email).

This tracker has its own battery, which means that you plug it into your bike. It can hold its charge for quite some time. And when the battery gets low it will automatically switch to its own reserve.

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