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Roadtrip : Lyme Regis

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Lyme Regis, click to enlarge the map of west coast.

UK West Coast

In West Dorset is Lyme Regis, hometown of fossil hunters. With varied beaches (pebbly Monmouth or sandy Cobb Gate) and a lot of restaurants and pubs, fossil Museum, Marine Aquarium and so on, this charming coastal site is definitely worth a visit, and a stay !

Lyme Regis by motorbike

First thing first : in summer, believe it or not, but the place is chock-a-block. Don’t expect a nice stroll down the steep main road to the beach and just park your motorbike down there. Because the streets are heaving with pedestrians, leaving my motorcycle in the middle of the crowd dragging the dogs, kids, spades, and beach balls around doesn’t seem very safe to me ! You can check the numerous parking sites to park safely there (there are more than just Woodmead Car Park, Cabanya Car Park or Monmouth Beach Car Park) : (click to open a map of Lyme Regis parkings in a new window)

Admiring the seaside view of the Cobb from the park above, photo by

Historic fishing quay and port stroll

Old fishing Quay, Lyme Regis, by

The famous Cobb where everybody dare walk when the sea is rough

Not to be missed : a stroll on the paved cobb leading to the fishing quay. Very busy on warm summer days, quieter when big waves are hitting it.

Now you see what I mean ^^ Waves hitting the Cobb

If you turn around, you’ll have the view of the seaside town :

Looking at Lyme Regis from the Cobb

Rock’n’roll Barber Shop

I could’nt resist peeking at this amazing barber shop on the way to the beach. Rock’n’roll, skateboard, tattoo and biker way of life !

Sandyman Chop Shop 40 Silver St, Lyme Regis DT7 3HR, photo by

If you don’t pay them a visit, check out their great website

Night out on the town

Lyme Regis by night !

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