Roadtrip : Beer Beach


In South Devon, a bit further west than my previous blog post Lyme Regis, (Dorset) the beach of beer offers a rougher look and feel.

Beer Beach in South Devon, photography by

A quiet and wild seaside

It’s all nice having a fish’n’chips and a pint of good local Ale at the pub by the sea with your mates, and it can also be nice to bike down there and hangout in the Broadchurch setting (see this BT website . This beach of beer is perfect for that, offering a wonderful view of Seaton bay.

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In the upper right corner, our previous destination. In the left corner, our current stop. Click to enlarge the map.

A beach with a view

Amazing colors in this picture of Beer beach taken by

A view of Seaton bay from Beer beach in South Devon by

Seaton Bay in Beer, South Devon, UK. Sometimes you are not alone 😉

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