Fuel for the bike, food for the biker


It’s all nice travelling around the south west coast of England with one’s motorbike, but it’s not just the tank that needs to be filled up…

A nice pint of Otter Ale in a local pub in Devon, photo by Imotorbiker.co.uk
How about a fish’n’chips ? Photograph by Imotorbiker.co.uk

Summer roadtrips : pubs galore !

local otter ale cider crisps
A pint of local Otter ale , half a pint of cider and a bag of Pipers Burrow Hill cider vinegar & sea salt crisps
dorset ale dorset orchard cider crisps
Going for more local Dorset beer and Dorset Orchard cider ! And yes, alongside the crisp bag of course !
fish n chips
Large piece of cod for this yummy Fish’n’Chips !

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