Back to the Jurassic Coast !


Back again in Lyme Regis ! This time at the very beginning of August. As you can see, the seafront is much busier than last time, and it’s a joy to look at all the people having a great time outdoors after confinement (me included).

If you’ve missed it, here is a link to read my previous blog post about this place : Roadtrip to Lyme Regis.

lyme regis sandy beach
Lyme Regis offers sand and pebble beaches.
lyme regis peble beach
A nice summer day at the beach of Lyme Regis.

Here is a view of the Jurassic Coast going down from Branscombe to Sidmouth, which you can ride along on the road A3052.

lyme regis harbour
Lyme Regis harbour. In the background, the Jurassic coast.

Get a motorbike for free at Branscombe Beach in South Devon

Branscombe beach is where the MSC NAPOLI cargo ship sunk in 2007, because of a storm, from which some 17 BMW R 1200 RT motorbikes were washed ashore !

Not far from there, in Bovington, Dorset, T.E Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia) died in a motorbike accident in 1935, as he was riding his Brough Superior SS100. He didn’t die at the moment of the crash, but later, and because of multiple head injuries. Soon after, the helmet was made mandatory. As this was one too many, the lesson has been learned. Thanks for that !

Note that there is this year the launch of the Brough Superior Lawrence (named after him !) but only 188 motorbikes will be produced, to celebrate T.E Lawrence birth year, 1888. This beauty comes with a 997 cm3 V2 engine.

Talking about Bovington, T.E Lawrence enlisted in the Tank Corps in March 1923 and served at Bovington Camp. There is a tank museum there. I appear to be a big tank fan, and can be a bit of a geek sometimes. I’ve discovered the online game World of Tanks and still play my armoured vehicles from time to time (I particularly like the tank destroyers from the Charioteer to the FV4004 Conway). Which brings me to another event to attend in September, the TankFest (17 – 20 September 2021)

From motorcycle to tank to biker again… and rock’n’roll

And thinking of tanks while I’m riding my Triumph along the Jurassic Coast, I cannot help but think about one of the most iconic british rock’n’roll legend, Ian “Lemmy” Fraser Kilmister, Motörhead frontman, who also loved tanks. In fact, so much so that he owned a german tank himself, a Jagdpanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz. 138/2), originally the Panzerjäger 38(t), known as the Hetzer (but that was a mistake, true tank fans will tell you, because the Hetzer was in fact the codename for the E-10). Well, despite that Lemmy was not an everyday biker, there is a photo of him riding a Triumph Bonneville : classic bike, classic rock, classic brit

Everyone must know “The Ace of Spades” and after Lemmy’s death in 2015, the French HellFest festival paid a tribute to Lemmy with a huge statue at the warzone, among serveral tributes from musicians of other bands you can enjoy there

Why ride along the jurassic coast and stop at Lyme Regis ?

On friday 5th, a fireworks display was held on the Cobb, Victoria beach side, that gathered hundreds of people. This is part of a regatta and carnival week that goes from the 7th to the 14th August. A good reason to include this vibrant little town in your motorcycle roadtrip.

A short video excerpt of the fireworks display at Lyme Regis on the 5th of August. The whole event lasted around 15 minutes.

Also worth mentioning, from 27th to 30th August, it’s Lyme Regis Folk week-end. Is Ed Sheeran gonna be there ?

I must admit that i have a soft spot for this place, and I encourage you to stop over ! If you’d like to discover more

about the Jurassic Coast, please visit

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